Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lessons Learned Riding

It's been 2 week since I took up riding again.  So far I have logged 116 miles over 5 rides.  I have stuck mainly to the bike path but spent 9 miles off the path yesterday on one of my run courses.  My chain has fallen off once and I fixed it.  I can ride now ride standing up for approximately 8 seconds (and no the similarity between this time and the 8 seconds in bull riding is not lost on me).  I can ride one handed for about 4 seconds.  I also got my old lock cut off and replaced it with a new lock (this one requires a key).  So I am getting there.  This is a list of what I have learned so far:

1. Yes, practice does help.
2. Squirrels on bike paths are suicidal
3. Though 3-5 might be my favorite gear on the bike path, I am less successful with that gear on the road (especially on one of my hillier run courses)
4. Gears have to be changed (even if you don't like doing it)
5. I still have a lot to learn about shifting
6. I need to think about hydration
7. Some people do not understand what you mean when you say "On your left."  They may or may not give you dirty looks.
8. After a tough run, I can feel that my legs are shot just by walking around.  I don't realize how shot my legs are until I get back on the bike.
9. Red lights are even less fun than when you are running
10. I'm still not ready to even think about getting a bike with clipping type pedals
11.  It's still not as fun as running, but it will do for now.