Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Long Overdue Update

Well,  it's been over 14 months since I last posted.  Since then Gregory was born, enriched our lives, became a person, turned a year, and continues to amaze us and fill every moment with joy.  (trying not to sound cliche here)  I'm not sure why I stopped posting (running is still happening and I have so much to share about Gregory).  I guess when he was born, every moment became sacred and special.  I just didn't want to commit to blogging (not that I was ever very committed).  However, now he's taking a nap, I've got diapers in the laundry, and don't really want to do any housework.  So I'll see how much I can update you with before naptime is over (or I decide I need to get some chores done).

Gregory Lee was born on July 14, 2012.  I had a fairly long labor (38 hours), but everything went very smoothly.  He was perfect from the get go and was born happy.  The nurses had to make him cry, because really he was content to be here the minute he arrived.  For the most part, he has stayed that happy!

He was 7lbs 10 oz and 19.5 inches

Fast forward to now... and he's 20lbs 2 oz and 28.5 inches!


He really is great!  We're still working on things like sleeping through the night and eating solid foods!  I think he might have wanted to continue nursing until he was 4, but we've gotten him down to 3 sessions a day. Once when he wakes up, once around 3:30 and then once before bed.  The doctor wanted us to get him down to the three because he was eating so little food.  He's still a very picky eater, but it's started to improve some. 


He is super close to walking.  He's taken about 5 steps, but just gets himself too nervous.  However, the fact that he isn't walking doesn't mean he's sitting around much either.  He's always on the go.  He has some toys that interest him, but he'd much rather spend his time going to different rooms, opening cabinets, climbing stairs, etc.  The only time he sits still is for a story or in the stroller for a run!




He doesn't have any real words yet, but says "I love you," in the right context in a way that only my mom, husband and I can decipher.  He does do sign language and has the following signs: More, All done, Yes, Up, Cracker, Milk (which I taught him wrong so I don't think it would actually pass ASL), wind, rain, wash hands, soap, (I think that's it).  He gives these awesome kisses that melt my heart every time.  He likes to make sure you're even, so he'll turn your head to the other side after he kisses one cheek.  


He loves busses and the garbage truck.  He loves to point out stop signs, trees, mailboxes, dogs, and bikes when we run.  
As for running, I'm still running often, but shorter.  My longest run with Gregory has been a half marathon (on my own).  We finished just under 2 hours.  I'm thinking of running a real one with him next weekend.  


There's obviously so much more I could say about him, but I'll leave it up to you guys.  Ask away and I'll post again to answer questions.  In the meantime I'll put a few more of my favorite pics!