Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Still Running

It's been a while since I've posted a long run report, but this weekend I had a pretty good one, so I figured it was due.

As I've mentioned, I'm still training for a local 1/2 marathon in about 3 weeks.  When I first found out that this race would be offered in our town and I calculated that I would be about 28 weeks pregnant on race day, I knew I still wanted to do it.  I'd read stories about how people run through their whole pregnancy and also about how some people's body's don't let them.  I didn't know what I would be, but I was sure hoping it would be possible.

My training plan was very loose.  I didn't even really have a plan.  I'd run when I could during the week, but it was way more demanding on my body, so this was never more than twice during the week.  These runs were short, usually between 3-6 miles.  Then I would try to get in a longer run on Saturday.  Longer to me (at this time) meant 11-13 miles.  The following weekend, I would cut down to something between 7-10.  Basically that was my pattern.  I've kept that up for about 9 or so weeks, meaning this plan will eventually be about 12 weeks long. 

This past weekend, I ended up doing my longest run of the cycle at 13.6.  I've slowed way down; my pace was over 11 miles and pre-pregnancy  I'd be running these at about 8:20-8:40.  I'm not at all upset about this, but I do wonder why some women slow way down like this (and still feel good) and others don't slow down as much.  My body started slowing down almost immediately like before we even knew I was in fact pregnant.  I have continued to slow way down each week, but have been hovering between 10:30s and 11:30s for a few weeks now.  I finished this 13.6 mile run at about 2:35.  The half I'm doing has a time limit of 3:15, so I should be good. 

The other thing I've had to do is make sure that I have places to take a pit stop.  Though I'm lucky and haven't noticed a HUGE issue with this as some women do.  It is important.  Eric and I have a favorite breakfast spot on Saturdays, so I head there for a pee break and then we end up back there after my run. 

Also, normally during a half, especially during a training run, I wouldn't fuel up.  However, I noticed on Saturday, that his is going to have to change.  I really felt like I needed some fuel and I didn't have any.  I'm not sure if this has to do more with the run taking me a longer time or if it's because of the pregnancy, but there will be no more running without shot blocks! 

Hope you all had great long runs this weekend.  What's your experience with having to change your running style, plan, etc. whether it has to do with pregnancy or something else? 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pregnancy Fitness

I guess I really fell off the wagon with weekly updates...I'm not exactly sure why, but I will say that my "bump" never really looked the way I thought it should back when I last posted and taking the weekly shot was doing more harm to my self esteem than any good.  Stupid, yes, but true.

However, I have not stopped being pregnant nor have I stopped working out.  I wanted to take a few moments to update my workout and running progress as a pregnant runner. 

Basically my week looks like this (workout wise):
Monday Evening Spin
Tuesday Evening Spin and 20-30 minutes of strength training
Wednesday A.M Spin and afternoon 3-6 mile run
Thursday Evening Spin and 20-30 minutes of strength training
Friday A.M. Spin and sometimes and afternoon 2-3 mile run
Saturday A.M. Longish run These runs have ranged from 7-13 miles depending on the week. 
Sunday either rest or spin class

Over the course of the last 24 weeks I have wavered from this schedule very little.  I've taken an extra day off because my back was bothering me once and I think one day when I had a cold, I took a day off. 

I don't feel like I'm ever overdoing it and I know that it's the right thing for me and the baby.  My runs have gotten much slower, but they are still enjoyable (in a different kind of way).  Spin has changed very little; I'm just drinking a little more often, which I probably should have been doing anyway.  I also have been drinking more throughout the day.  The one other difference I see is that after a longish run I really do need to eat something or I will feel nauseous.  This wasn't always the case for me, but with the pregnancy it's something I've noticed.

I've so far run the half marathon distance twice since being pregnant and plan on running around 13 this Saturday. My hometown is hosting it's first half marathon on the 29th and I would like to do that.  Based on how this Saturday's run goes, I will decide for sure if I am signing up.  Besides the speed in running, I notice that I sometimes get some round ligament pain, but if I walk through it for a minute or two, it goes away.  My OB said it's typical and nothing to worry about.  I have checked in with her at each appointment just to make sure my level of activity is OK.

I have been very lucky to have an easy pregnancy so far.  I think a great deal of this has to do with sticking to a semi-normal workout routine.  What's your experience with fitness during pregnancy?