Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hartford Marathon Recap

Has it really been over a month since the Hartford Marathon!?

Oy!  Sorry everyone; I'm sure you've been on the edge of your seats to hear how this race went ;).  Overall, it was a great race.  In a nutshell these things happened:

- New PR 3:44.47
- Not a BQ; but getting closer
- Reminder that this was a race that I hadn't had a great training cycle for (recovering from injury, didn't decide I was going to do it for sure until my 18 miler went OK)
- Weather was pretty much perfect
- Stomach went into meltdown at about mile 18
- Stomach came back from meltdown at about mile 23
- Stomach went back into meltdown immediately following the finish line
- Stomach stayed that way for 2 days...
- My mom, Eric, and mother in law came to see me!
- I changed behind my mylar blanket
- We went to the Mark Twain House afterwards
- Despite stomach meltdown, I did not faint, barf, or lose control of my intestinal contents in the historical museum full of artifacts
- Have had a great recovery and have been enjoying running whenever I feel like for however distance

- Thinking about some Turkey Trots or maybe half marathons in the future  (word is there might be one in my hometown this Spring!)

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