Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I found my keys

That is all.  1.5 weeks post losing them.  My Trader Joe's bag fell over in my car, and lo and behold there they were, under the passenger seat.  Has anyone seen Adjustment Bureau?  I'm convinced they were involved in this.

OK, well I also had a great run on Sunday.  16 miles at an 8:41 pace.  This was not a planned pace because I've been trying to not stress about my long runs.  However, it felt good to hold that pace for a full long run.

Compared to last week, the weather was great.  I still have to admit that I like a cooler run, especially for a long run, but mentally, I'm ready for Spring.  That being said, the 40s on Sunday was pretty spot on for what I need right now.

And on a life note.  State testing for my 7th graders is this week.  I think I'm looking forward to it being over more than they are.  They are good kids and put their all into the tests, but the rest of the day...my class gets invaded by gremlins (and most of them aren't like Gizmo).

It's either the tests, or they're turning into 8th graders...time will tell!


  1. Are these keys separate from your car keys? I can't believe you lost them for 1.5 weeks! Haha. Glad you found them.

  2. Definitely were my car keys; my mom had to drive my spare keys to me...worst daughter ever