Thursday, March 10, 2011

Exercise Induced Amnesia

This post is a little overdue, but worth sharing.

Sundays I have a pretty set routine.  Get up around 6, eat some toast with almond butter and an apple, get in the car and drive to our TEAM group training location about 35 minutes away, listening to accoustic Sunday Morning.

Then I run whatever the set distance is (this week was 18 miles under 9min pace in torrential downpours), chat with TNT members for a bit and then head to Whole Foods for some fuel and veggies for the week. 

Then I drive home, and grade papers or make lesson plans. 

This week was no different.  Rountines are easy.  However, somewhere between putting my groceries in my car at Whole Foods and going to start my car, I lost my keys.  You may think, "oh perhaps she returned the cart with her keys in them" - no cart (Only a few things; Whole Foods is pricey!), or "she left them on top of the car," -no such luck there, or "she dropped them in a grocery bag -nope; not only did I look in every grocery bag, I opened up my salad bar container to see if they somehow opened the container and placed themselves in there. 

Long story short (well sort of). My mom had to drive the 35 minutes in the torrential rain to bring me my extra set of keys.  It's now Thursday, and they are still nowhere to be found. 

So my question for you is (I guess I should say questions)...Is it possible that in a fit of exercise induced amnesia I chucked my keys down a storm drain or something of the sort?  Has anyone else experienced something like this?  Has anyone seen my keys?


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  2. This made me laugh! I will come back for sure:)