Monday, February 28, 2011

Who Woulda Thunk

On Sunday I had a 16-17 miler planned with 10 at marathon pace.  I woke up to a slushy mess on the ground and a slushy mess in my stomach (not sure what's up with that lately).  It didn't seem like the ideal conditions to run long (i.e. away from a bathroom), or fast (picture me sliding into a slushy face plant).  So, I bit the bullet and realized that if I wanted the run done right and with as little embarrassment possible, some of it was going to have to be done on the mill.  (man that mill keeps appearing on here lately)!

I did a 3.6 mile warm up outside and actually did keep it at about marathon pace.  (BQ Circa 2010 pace)  I was pleased, but still thought it best to run at the gym with my mom.  We got to the Y and I headed onto the mill.  I figured I would try to get about 9 miles done there, and only 7 of them needed to be at marathon pace.  Of course I did make a few pit stops before beginning this attempt.

I knew I needed to keep myself interested, because that's what kills me on the treadmill.  I feel like one mile takes 30 minutes.  I decided to flip between two types of miles.  Mile one was segmented into 1/4 pieces.  The first I would do at about 8:50, then 8:25, then 8:00 and then 7:35ish.  Then mile 2 I would run segmented into 1/10 sections: 8:20 pace, 8:13 pace, 8:06ish pace then rotate back.  Then I'd go back to the mile 1 pattern, then mile pattern and repeat.  I kept this up for 8 miles and averaged 8:15 (which is BQ Circa 2011 and beyond pace).  Then I did 1.5 at about 8:45 (I think).  I finished the treadmill portion of my run with 9.5 miles at 8:23 pace.  If you're keeping track, this technically means 13.1 miles at BQ circa 2010 pace.  I'll take it (and the 13.1 was completely by accident).

Finally, I had to finish my 16 miler.  I went outside (in shorts!) and finished it off with 3.2 at 9:36.  And I survived a long run that consisted mostly of the treadmill.  Never thought that would have happened.  I know some of you busy moms have done 20 milers on the mill.  Do I ever want to do that; absolutely not.  Am I starting to think it may be possible, maybe....

Happy Monday Everyone.  Today is my rest day, but tomorrow is back to a busy running week!


  1. I'm one of those moms who's done a 20 on the mill. My word, I've never pressed so many buttons in my life out of boredom. Never more than .25 miles at the same pace or incline!

    Great job and great pace!

  2. I haven't done more then 14 on the mill. I am happy it's not been more. I am one sweaty lady on the mill, which leaves me with way to many chafed areas. blah.

  3. yeah i've logged a 16 miler on the TM before, it's hard. i watched tv and got SO dizzy afterwards. ha. nice job on the paces too!