Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Bloggy Fundraising Contest!!!

Many of you know that I have been training with Team in Training for the past two years in order to raise money to fight blood cancers.  Currently, I am training for my 3rd event with TEAM the Country Music Marathon. 

As a part of my fundraising, I have developed a contest:

Guess How Many Total Miles I will Run in the 17 Weeks of Training!!!

Currently, after 5 weeks of training, I am at 189.2 miles.  The whole program, including the marathon is 17 weeks.  (12 weeks to go).  My mileage will top at about 60 miles a week (but that's only for 1-2 weeks depending on how I am feeling).  There is a 3 week taper at the end of the training.  I cannot predict: injuries, illness, and weather.  For the most part, I try never to miss a run. 

How to enter:

- Send me your guess/es through email or a comment on this blog  carlee dot brandom at gmail dot com. 
- Each guess costs $2
- You can send the $2 donation through my fundraising page:, or through mail (email me if you want the address)- Entries must be received by February 23
- Entries must be received in Mileage
- The tiebreaker will be: how many minutes did I spend running?
- You can enter as many guesses as possibe, but each guess is $2

How to win and what is the prize:
- Price is Right rules apply (closet to the exact number without going over wins)
- Throughout the training, I will also be doing random drawings using the names of people that have entered the contest for smaller prizes.  (about bi-weekly)
- The grand prize (for the winning guess) will be a $50 gift certificate to a restaurant near you.  (I can't tell you the restaurant yet since I don't know who the winner is or where they live).
- The winner will be announced after the race (April 30th) and the prize will be received shortly after. 

So, send me an email or comment with your mileage guess and your tie-breaker guess (How many minutes I spent running during this training).  And then donate the $2 per guess.

Hope you guys can have fun with this.  Spread the word!


  1. This is a great idea, now I have to go get my calculator. You must be on a top-secret special training plan????? HA

    P.S. I love running in the winter too!

  2. Cool idea for fundraising! Good luck. Thanks for doing TNT and helping out in the battle against blood cancers. I ran the CM half marathon two years ago and it was a blast! Of course, TNT always is! Art