Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter Wonderland 5 Miler Race Report

Today was the Milford Road Runners annual Winter Wonderland 5 miler.  I was super excited because it was the first race I was able to do with my friend Steph.  I working on convincing her to do a marathon in the fall and this was her first race over a 5K.  (btw she loved it and is accepting my game plan of a 10K next).  I also got to run with her friend Lauren who was another fun runner to meet.  Today was her first road race also and she too is in love.  All three of us are planning on a St. Patty's day race next!

I started the day with a 5 mile warm up.  I wanted to get in at least 10 miles today.  My weekly mileage was down because of the less than awesome weather we have been having.  But I figured 10 miles would be at least longish enough.

It was a nice day for a run.  Sunny and low 30s.  We haven't had weather like that in WEEKS.  It felt downright balmy and we worried about sunburn.  The race itself was pretty hilly, but a great course.  I've been running on slushy icy roads so that is what I was pretty much prepared for.  However, these roads were dry and wide and perfect.  A runner's winter dream come true.  It reminded me that I typically LOVE winter running!

The first mile went by faster than I am used to.  I always find that the first mile seems to take forever, regardless of speed, but I think my awe at the weather and day itself put me into a runner's bliss.

Mile 1 (7:12)

Mile 2 was another flat and fast mile.  I started to feel like I was passing people at this point and moving towards the front of the pack.  I felt good and went with it.

Mile 2 (7:17)

The next 3 miles were still fun, but were hillier.  I also started to feel too warm and wished I had worn a lighter weight top.  I was back and forth with another female runner and in the end she beat me (and ended up being in my age group).  I still don't think I went out too fast even though my splits indicate that I did.  It really was a downhill course at the start and uphill at the end.  There is one hill that I might have wasted a bit too much energy on, but overall it was a good race.

Mile 3: 7:43
Mile 4: 7:33
Mile 5: 7:53

Finishing Time: 38:03; 7:30 pace.  Not a PR (by about 20 seconds) so that's a bit disappointing.  However, I had been feeling very slow this week so this definitely made me feel better.

It was good enough for 6th female overall and 2nd in my age group.  Official results aren't up yet, but I did get the sweetest trophy!

Tomorrow is usually my rest day, so most likely my January mileage will stay at 148.51.  Since another storm is coming, it's possible that I'll try to bang out a few miles.  The treadmill and I are learning how to get along with this winter.  Tuesday and Wednesdays predicted "colossal" ice/snow/rain/mess storm is threatening to make that friendship even tighter.  I can't believe I only had to use the treadmill twice last winter!


  1. Awesome job on the race! That is a very cool trophy!

  2. Carlee, everytime I read one of your race reports it just makes me want to sign up for another! With this horrible weather I'm thinking that won't be until March though (walker+crappy roads=dangerous)! :( Anyway, I love reading your reports and miss seeing you weekly! Maybe we'll be in a race together in the coming months! :)

  3. Way to go!!! Both on your time and monthly mileage!!! The weather is hard to deal with now that it seems we get a weekly storm! The mill and I have had a love-hate relationship this winter too! I love the trophy!!!

  4. Hey 20secs off PR isn't bad at all, especially since the snow has hindered your training some. Love the trophy!

  5. Great job on the finish and placing in your AG, that's awesome!

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  7. you are so fast! great job even though it wasn't a PR!

  8. That's a sweet trophy! How come I never get anything cool like that??