Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oooops Sorry, it's been a while

You would think with all the snow days, I would have had plenty of time to post.  However, I guess shoveling and trying to skate/run through the mess has taken up more time than I would have thought.

It really has been crazy; Wednesday we got 2+ feet of snow in less than 12 hours.  Then today we're getting one of those sloppy mixes.  Between professional development, standardized assessments and holidays, I'm starting to wonder if I am going to have to play name games again when I do finally see the kids again.  Those of you who are not teachers, maybe think I am loving these snow days.  However, I am not. We have state testing coming up and we keep falling more and more behind.  It's frustrating for sure!

On the running front, winter is posing it's usual challenges, but I'm getting the runs in.  Wednesday's speed work had to be on the treadmill, but everything else has been outside.

Last week's mileage looked something like this:
Monday: rest day
Tuesday: the night before the storm: 6.2 dark miles up and down a street then up and down a big hill 4 times.  Sometimes the dark and the ice make fore boring, but safe routes! (pace: 9:09)
Wednesday: Treadmill speed work: 7.15 miles with sets of 1200s (pace: 8:23) (Also 3-4 hours of shoveling)
Thursday: Spin class
Friday: fainted in the a.m. for no reason and then felt funny the rest of the day, but not bad or sick.  Kept the run nice and slow (and close to school just in case) but felt better after.  8.06 miles (9:28 pace)
Saturday: Very cold morning run (-3 degrees).  5.06 miles (9:06 pace) then spin class, body pump and body flow
Sunday: House sat for Eric's parents in Larchmont, NY.  Got a nice 12 miler in on a hilly but beautiful route through Larchmont, Mamoroneck and Scarsdale.  (12.1 miles 9:19 pace)

Total Mileage: 38.6 miles, only one speed work day this week, but the mileage is headed up and I'm still early in marathon training.  Felt a little slow this week, but that's what icy roads do to me.  

Yesterday, I locked Rudy in the house so I went for my run watchless.  Got in a nice 7.6 miles, but no idea on pace.  It felt great though!  


  1. Ok so kudos to you for getting in your miles with a winter wonderland hitting you! You had great mileage I think!! Oh and nice how you just slip in there that you fainted...like on Friday I got a mani...are you feeling better?

  2. We (obviously) got less snow down here in SC but I only managed 13 miles in it! So super nice job on the 38. :) Scary about the fainting -- hope all is ok!