Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Goals

I wasn't planning on a goal post, because I wasn't quite sure what my goals would be for the year.  However, you've all inspired me to think about the year and what I want out of it! 

- BQ
- Incorporate more speedwork into my schedule (at least 2 on most weeks)
- Stretch after runs (I think this will be my hardest goal, but without it I'm positive the BQ is sunk)
- Go sub 23 in a 5K (Garmin says I did on Saturday, but it's not official)
- Go sub 1:40 in the New Haven Road Race (20K)
- Run a sub 7 mile, during any race, training run, speedwork, etc.
- Go sub 35 in a 5 miler
- PR a half marathon (in other words: run a 1/2 faster than a split a full)

- Know why I am eating something before I put it in my mouth
- Incorporate a larger variety of healthy foods into dinners (My dinners are usually very healthy, but they consist of the same 3 meals repeated...)

Tonight I made KALE

I sauteed it with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, tomatoes, butternut squash and mushrooms.  Eric had his with sausage and I had mine with chick peas.  Definitely a successful meal!  
- I would definitely like to lose weight this year, but I want it to be because I am consciously eating what my body needs to run well and be healthy.  I don't want my focus to be on losing weight, but on gaining speed, strength, recovery and health.  I want to eat like an athlete.  

-I'd like to open up a 403b and start saving there
-Pay off credit card.  I've never held a balance on the cc, but after the wedding and some unforeseen car expenses, I have a little bit on there.  I'd like to be back to a 0 balance very soon.
- Work on organizing: my classroom, my house, my office area, my closet.  This will definitely be the biggest challenge for me. 
- Raise more than my minimum goal for Team in Training.  My goal is 2,450, but personally, I'm shooting for more like $4,000.  Right now I'm at about $1,100, so I think this is possible.  
- Try some new things.  First up: Cross Country Skiing

Well, that's all I thought of as of today.  Good luck with all your goals.  I've really enjoyed reading your posts!  


  1. Great goals! It sounds like it's going to be a fast year for you!! I like the one about knowing why you are putting food in your mouth before you do it! I'm such the mindless eater!

  2. I recently just tried kale for the first time. And discovered it's an amazing superfood! So many good things about it & want to make it a regular on my menu. Have you tried kale "chips?" Liking your goals & likes... knowing why I'm eating something before I eat it sounds like a great thing to keep focused on! :)

  3. nice goals! weddings are ridiculous, aren't they? sheesh. so glad i was able to keep my mom under control! she was the one we had to watch...

  4. great goals!!! I really want to see a 6 in front a mile sometime this year too :)