Thursday, April 7, 2011

Proof I'm turning into my students

My latest adventure with an injury has made me realize that I am turning into a middle school student.  (Please note; if you have MS students, teach them, or just love them...many of these reasons are why I love my job so much...some of these reasons are why I need to run)

1. They think they are invinsible; this time last week I had convinced myself I was not injured and was planning a 10 mile race as part of my weekend's 17 miler.

2. They are stubborn; even when I knew I shouldn't run through the pain, I did anyway, until I physically couldn't.

3. They don't usually learn from mistakes; I'm pretty sure I was in this exact position a year ago.

4. They are competitive and like to show off; I think part of the reason I was so stubborn is the contest I started as a fund-raiser for TnT.  I really wanted my mileage to impress all the guessers.

5. They like to stick weird things down their pants: The liner in running shorts make a surprisingly efficient ice pack holder. 

6.  They get embarrassed easily; When the PT asked me if I had shaved recently (because the medicine he was applying to my hip would sting if I had) I turned bright red.

7.  When they want something they don't give up; ditto

8. They can put the phrase "what if" in front of any scenario you can dream of; what if I wake up tomorrow and the pain is gone?, what if nothing hurts after a mile?, what if I try spinning?, what if I foam roll every hour on the hour?, etc. 

9.  (not so running related) They play COD with friends instead of doing homework; I blog instead of writing my "Year End Summary," grading papers, or writing lesson plans...

All that being said, I did go to the PT today and he does not think it is ITBS which is GREAT in my book.  Everything I read on ITBS showed more recovery than I have time for.  The main "tests" my little hip muscle failed were internal and external rotation.  He thinks its just an overused and inflamed muscle.  We're treating it with ice, rest, stretching and a medicine he puts on a electrically charged patch.  So far that's working well.  The patch really seemed to help.  So cross your fingers; so far it's good news. 

Well that's all for now.  I guess I should get back to practicing my fart noises and finding new ways to incorporate words like: chode, blue waffle, and Cleveland Steamer into my day!


  1. LOL. sticking things down their pants/ice pack holder. i don't think i want to know their half of that one ;)

    stubborn/hard-headed/invincible - yep, sounds like most runners to me!

  2. Chode-bahahaha! This post cracked me up but true!! Definitely true! Hope the hip feels better soon!!