Monday, May 23, 2011

Not a Stress Fracture!

So my appt. with  the ortho was today and basically what came out of it was:
- not a stress fracture
- most likely a strain that I aggravated a lot
- should take 2 more weeks off
- can get back into training as long as it doesn't hurt and I do so slowly (after the two weeks)
- should be good for a fall marathon (thinking about philly)
- should think about triathlons

OK so I am not ready to give up marathons and don't totally by that final bit of advice from the doc.  (not because I don't want to do tri's but because I don't think training for marathons are a bad thing for my body...if I listen to it)

I'm so glad it's not a stress fracture, but I did leave feeling like, "Am I big baby? Why did it hurt enough for me to drop out of a race? Should I have stayed signed up for Vermont City?  What am I going to tell people...that it's nothing?"  Injuries are so bizzare and I know I need to trust pain and know when it is pain and not soreness.  I know this has been pain; it through off my gain completely and had me limping.  However, it does make me feel like a big wimp!

In other news, I did start biking again on Saturday.  I went for a 20 mile bike followed by a 2300 yd swim.  The bike is so foreign to me.  It leaves me with many questions:
- How fast do I need to be able to go in order to do a tri?
- How much does having a hybrid vs. road bike slow me down?
- How much harder is it to ride a road bike (i.e. will I fall)
- How do I go about explaining that the lock on my bike needs to be cut off because I forgot the combo and that I did not steal it.
- How do I ride with one hand?
- How do I stand up?  (i think my behind would really appreciate if I figured this one out!)
- How do I get over being so scared to ride in the road?
- Do they even make good bikes for girls that are 4'11" (oh and poor).

3 years ago I did my first and only (to date) tri.  I was the first girl out of the water and then I got on the bike.  It was a very humbling experience.  I did end up winning my age group, but it was a very small showing for my age group.

I'd like to get back into tris and though I don't need to place or even get rock star times, I certainly don't want to be asked to leave a course because I couldn't do the bike in the amount of time allowed. 

Any advice for a truly newbie biker!?


  1. You are not a wimp. Listen to your body before it turns into a stress fracture. :)

    Ok, since I am a newbie with the bike I'll attempt to help with your questions. Don't hold me accountable since I'm terribly slow. LOL!

    1. Doesn't matter. I saw folks on mountain bikes at my first tri and if I am any indication on speed, you can basically crawl.
    2. I think the difference is in the weight of the bike and the clipless pedals. They both attribute to speed.
    3. Road bike is not much harder, except for the clipless pedals. They totally suck getting used to. And yes you will fall. But it'll be a dumb, not moving tip over. I did it more times than I can count but never got hurt. Just embarrassed. And you don't have to put the clipless pedals on. You can start with cages.
    4. Got nothing for you on that lock part.
    5. No idea. I can barely get my water out at this point without feeling all sorts of crazy but I'm told it gets easier.
    6. I don't ever stand up. Just get those padded bike shorts, they help the behind.
    7. No answer here either as I usually ride trails or during a race or very early with minimal traffic. But I'm told that will come too.
    8. I would venture a guess that they do. They make a bike for a 5'8 poor girl. LOL!

    Ok, I hope those helped. I'm only marginally not a newbie so see what other have to say.

  2. Advice..

    Well just get out and do it. Honestly the more time you ride the more confident you will become. When I first started I couldn't even grab my water bottle without stopping first. Will you fall? Uh yes! But in time you won't. I just started standing up on my tri bike while going up hills, it's not hard, again just do it.

  3. I started riding last year and am doing an Ironman this year. Soooo... you can do it! :) Seriously, cycling is the most humbling thing I've done, but I love the challenge. Love the freedom & exploration of the bike. And after years of running and hurting, I love what swim-bike-run has done for my body! I'm stronger, leaner, and so much healthier! And remember - we do this sport for ourselves! If it makes you happy, it doesn't matter what place you end up in!

  4. I don't have any advice for tris/biking, but you can totally come back to the marathon scene this fall! My friend Morgan fractured her hip, did a few marathons ON CRUTCHES, and now is back and faster than ever. You can do it!

  5. I just saw a comment your wrote on Becoming an Ironman's blog. I am a recent biker too and I wanted to see what I could learn from your blog. I was injured last year and took it up and fell in love. Next week I am doing my first duathlon. I am rather nervous.
    Good news that you don't have a stress fracture.
    Vermont City Marathon is the best. You should do it next year as it sounds like you didn't get to this year.
    I saw the orgnizers of the duathlon I am going to do and they assured me that no matter how long it takes me I can still do the run. Whew!
    I have gone from a mountain bike to a hybrid. I have a lot of questions still. Do you use bike shoes?