Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Country Music Marathon Report Teaser

Well, it certainly wasn't the fastest marathon or the prettiest, but I finished!  After 4 weeks of practically no running and absolutely no running under a 10 minute pace, I had no ideas what was going to happen.

I made it TN with the rest of the CT Team in Training group on Thursday and we had a blast, but in the back of my mind was,"which race are you going to do; the half or the full?" I didn't decide on Thursday or Friday; I didn't even know at the start on Saturday.

I was sore from the first step; my body could tell it had been a long time since my last run.  I did loosen up; but not much.  However, my hip was virtually pain free!  I knew at mile 11 (where we separated).  I decided at about mile 18, that I was definitely in it for the long hall.  (That's where we passed the finish line...).  It was definitely tough and I wasn't in it for speed.  I treated it as a training run, so after mile 20, I went for the run/walk method.

Final finishing time: 4:39...A definite personal worst and about an hour off my goal time.  However, I held under 10 minute miles for 15 miles and I hadn't done that for 2 miles in the month prior to the race.  I guess beggars can't be choosers.  Regardless, it's still hard to forget that 6 weeks ago I did an 18 miler and held under a 8:20 pace. 

I'm writing this, still a little sore, but mostly pain free!  Vermont City Marathon is in less than a month and hopefully I'll be in speedier shape for that one.

Full report, with pictures, to come!!!

p.s. Doing an event with Team in Training rocks!!!!


  1. Congratulations on hanging tough and finishing. I know a thing or two about injuries and set backs lately. Here's hoping we both have good training cycles to get back to where we want.

  2. Carlee--thanks for your sweet encouraging comment on my post yesterday!

    Congrats to you for starting and finishing considering your hijacked training schedule!

  3. Injuries suck...VERY happy the hip was pain free though! Great job at committing to finishing the race and a marathon completed regardless of the time!! You will get back to that fitness quickly!!! Sounds like you had a great experience with Team in Training! Congrats again! Good luck this next month prepping for Vermont City!!

  4. Good job. Looking forward to the full report.

  5. just found your blog and i love it! CONGRATULATIONS on your race!

  6. I was there, it was a hilly course! Congrats on hanging tough to cross the finish line!

  7. Looking forward to the full report!