Sunday, August 14, 2011

14 Wet Ones

Today I had a 14 mile run with my Team in Training group.  Similarly to last week, it was raining.  Honestly, it was a good rain.  Basically a sprinkle for most of the run with a few stronger showers here and there.  I much prefer this to running in the heat, so I was pretty happy with the weather.

I tried out a new piece of running gear today.  The Pearl Izumi Elite Barrier Vest
I purchased this on sale for $35 at L.L. Bean.  I'm super happy with the purchase, but a few caveats if you are interested.  One it's super small.  Remember I'm 4'10"-4"11" (depends on who's measuring) and I had to get a size large.  I just checked L.L. Bean's website, and all the reviewers talk about how small it is.  It has a nice pocket in the back and a small one inside.  It's very bright and I know it will come in handy on my morning runs, now that it's not light so early in the a.m.  The biggest bonus of all is that it looks much more attractive and hip than the item in my running wardrobe it replaced.  

I guarantee I didn't look as cool as this guy on my morning and even runs.  Nor do I speak French, so that's a double win for him.  However, it got the job done for 2 years of marathon training and it will be retiring honorably.  

Overall, the run was a great success.  14 miles at about a 9:00 pace.  (still a wee bit higher than I'd like, but it's moving in the right direction)  I got to run with my friend Edwin the whole time.  Plus, no pains or upset tummy or anything like that.  

The best part of my run was when I was leaving; Coach Henry told me how much I have improved since he first saw me running with the team.  That really means a lot especially when I'm not feeling totally there speed wise.  Sometimes we forget how far we really have come.  

Hope everyone had great long runs, races and rides this weekend.  


  1. 14 miles at 9 sounds great to me.

    Too funny that you recognized Penny Cluse from the picture. It was such a GREAT breakfast. I am craving more of that zucchini bread French toast.

  2. NICE job on the 14!!

    Running vests are my FAVORITE :) so is running in the rain <3

  3. Congrats on beating the rain and getting your 14 in. Sounds like a fabulous run. It's always lovely running in the rain.

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