Friday, August 5, 2011


Mentally this week has been a challenge.  Last week I put up (barely) more than 30 miles, which I was so excited about.  I did this in 3 runs: 10.1 miler, 7.2 miler, 13.5 miler.  When people ask "How much do you run?" and they aren't runners, I always answer: "30-60+ miles depending on where I am in a training cycle."  When I hit 30 miles again, I was thrilled, it was like I really felt like I was a runner again (I'm not discrediting people that run less than 30 miles a month, I just don't know how else to explain the feeling I had.)

Looking ahead, this week was a step back week for my long run.  We are only scheduled for 7 miles according to the Team in Training calendar.  I used this calendar for my first (technically 2nd) marathon and it worked well for me.  As I've run more marathons, I have changed the TnT calendar to meet my own needs and usually add on mileage.  This way I can get in 2-3 20-23 milers in a cycle.  I also don't always step back in mileage and I normally wouldn't step back after a 13 miler.

However, this is me being smart.  I think, for the most part, I will stick with TnTs long run schedule.  I think this especially makes sense since I don't even know if I'll run Hartford.  So since I'd be dropping back in mileage, I thought this would be a good week to go back to 4 runs a week.  I'd like to get back to 5, but I don't think it will happen this cycle.  So far I ran Tuesday: 5ish, Wednesday: 8ish and Today: 6ish.  That means I put in 19ish miles during the week (which is more than last week), but if you add that to what I will be running on Sunday, it puts me below 30 again.  It makes me want to add in another run so badly.  Why do I put so much emphasis on numbers!?

However, I'm listening to my body.  I know coming back is going to be uncomfortable and I cherish that feeling.  But I need to stay out of pain.  Mentally, I just can't take another injury (even if I don't have any major goals right now).  Therefore my mantra is going to be: The key to a comeback will be pushing my body when it whines, comforting it when it cries!  Honestly this is how I approach "being tough" in my classroom too.  Should be easy right...?  And yes, my body has been whining, but my shins are starting to need some TLC (as happens in the beginning of most of my running cycles if I take too much time off).  So, there will be no "extra" run.  I will be below 30 for the week.  I am still a real runner.  

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you all have great long runs, races, and fun!  

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