Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter Wonderland 5 Miler Race Report

Today was the Milford Road Runners annual Winter Wonderland 5 miler.  I was super excited because it was the first race I was able to do with my friend Steph.  I working on convincing her to do a marathon in the fall and this was her first race over a 5K.  (btw she loved it and is accepting my game plan of a 10K next).  I also got to run with her friend Lauren who was another fun runner to meet.  Today was her first road race also and she too is in love.  All three of us are planning on a St. Patty's day race next!

I started the day with a 5 mile warm up.  I wanted to get in at least 10 miles today.  My weekly mileage was down because of the less than awesome weather we have been having.  But I figured 10 miles would be at least longish enough.

It was a nice day for a run.  Sunny and low 30s.  We haven't had weather like that in WEEKS.  It felt downright balmy and we worried about sunburn.  The race itself was pretty hilly, but a great course.  I've been running on slushy icy roads so that is what I was pretty much prepared for.  However, these roads were dry and wide and perfect.  A runner's winter dream come true.  It reminded me that I typically LOVE winter running!

The first mile went by faster than I am used to.  I always find that the first mile seems to take forever, regardless of speed, but I think my awe at the weather and day itself put me into a runner's bliss.

Mile 1 (7:12)

Mile 2 was another flat and fast mile.  I started to feel like I was passing people at this point and moving towards the front of the pack.  I felt good and went with it.

Mile 2 (7:17)

The next 3 miles were still fun, but were hillier.  I also started to feel too warm and wished I had worn a lighter weight top.  I was back and forth with another female runner and in the end she beat me (and ended up being in my age group).  I still don't think I went out too fast even though my splits indicate that I did.  It really was a downhill course at the start and uphill at the end.  There is one hill that I might have wasted a bit too much energy on, but overall it was a good race.

Mile 3: 7:43
Mile 4: 7:33
Mile 5: 7:53

Finishing Time: 38:03; 7:30 pace.  Not a PR (by about 20 seconds) so that's a bit disappointing.  However, I had been feeling very slow this week so this definitely made me feel better.

It was good enough for 6th female overall and 2nd in my age group.  Official results aren't up yet, but I did get the sweetest trophy!

Tomorrow is usually my rest day, so most likely my January mileage will stay at 148.51.  Since another storm is coming, it's possible that I'll try to bang out a few miles.  The treadmill and I are learning how to get along with this winter.  Tuesday and Wednesdays predicted "colossal" ice/snow/rain/mess storm is threatening to make that friendship even tighter.  I can't believe I only had to use the treadmill twice last winter!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oooops Sorry, it's been a while

You would think with all the snow days, I would have had plenty of time to post.  However, I guess shoveling and trying to skate/run through the mess has taken up more time than I would have thought.

It really has been crazy; Wednesday we got 2+ feet of snow in less than 12 hours.  Then today we're getting one of those sloppy mixes.  Between professional development, standardized assessments and holidays, I'm starting to wonder if I am going to have to play name games again when I do finally see the kids again.  Those of you who are not teachers, maybe think I am loving these snow days.  However, I am not. We have state testing coming up and we keep falling more and more behind.  It's frustrating for sure!

On the running front, winter is posing it's usual challenges, but I'm getting the runs in.  Wednesday's speed work had to be on the treadmill, but everything else has been outside.

Last week's mileage looked something like this:
Monday: rest day
Tuesday: the night before the storm: 6.2 dark miles up and down a street then up and down a big hill 4 times.  Sometimes the dark and the ice make fore boring, but safe routes! (pace: 9:09)
Wednesday: Treadmill speed work: 7.15 miles with sets of 1200s (pace: 8:23) (Also 3-4 hours of shoveling)
Thursday: Spin class
Friday: fainted in the a.m. for no reason and then felt funny the rest of the day, but not bad or sick.  Kept the run nice and slow (and close to school just in case) but felt better after.  8.06 miles (9:28 pace)
Saturday: Very cold morning run (-3 degrees).  5.06 miles (9:06 pace) then spin class, body pump and body flow
Sunday: House sat for Eric's parents in Larchmont, NY.  Got a nice 12 miler in on a hilly but beautiful route through Larchmont, Mamoroneck and Scarsdale.  (12.1 miles 9:19 pace)

Total Mileage: 38.6 miles, only one speed work day this week, but the mileage is headed up and I'm still early in marathon training.  Felt a little slow this week, but that's what icy roads do to me.  

Yesterday, I locked Rudy in the house so I went for my run watchless.  Got in a nice 7.6 miles, but no idea on pace.  It felt great though!  

Friday, January 7, 2011

Introducing Rudolph

I know many of you name your Garmins and I had always figured that when I got a Garmin, mine too, would need a name.  Afterall, it's a given that I will be talking to him, coaxing him, willing him on.  (Yes, I do know that it really is all about me making the Garmin say what I want it to)  I mean, I talk to the copier machine at school, my animals, the shirt that keeps falling off the hanger, the sock that falls down in my sneaker, the heater... I think you get the idea.  I'm pretty sure that growing up an only child made me feel like it was OK to talk to these inanimate objects, so there you have it.  

That brings us to Rudolph, or Rudy.  Why name the Garmin Rudolph you ask? Well there are a few reasons:
1. He was a Christmas present from Santa
2. He guides the way
3. It's actually a family name that I like, but probably won't use on an animate person or animal :)
4. I like it when people chant "Rudy, Rudy, Rudy" even if it's just me doing the chanting.  True story: in college they chanted "Rudy" for me during my last swim meet.  That sums up both my drive and talent...

5. I'm a big cheeseball and I would name my Garmin, Rudy.

Anyway Rudy has been good to me.  

On Tuesday I had some speedwork. 800s with 400s jog in between each one. I ran a total of 6.2 miles at an overall pace of 8:21 (up some huge hills, too!)

Today, I ran (before the snowstorm came) a total of 6.5 miles with 4 tempo miles. Overall my pace was a 8:07 and my tempo miles averaged about 7:40. Thanks for the info Rudy!!! You keep me very accountable.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chilly Chili 5K

The Chilly Chili 5K was a New Years Day race.  Now, I am NOT a huge New Years Eve person.  I think I may have had 3 really fun new years eve's since I left high school and none of them have involved much partying.  Those that did involve partying usually turned out very badly.  

The thing with New Years Eve is that my bday is on New Years Day. Talk about pressure to have a good time.  NYE is already an over-played-up holiday and usually disapoints most of the people I talk to.  Add having your birthday the next day, and it can be depressing if you aren't having the "time of your life" that everyone expects.  I guess it just took me this long to realize my "time of my life" isn't a raging party!  NYE Eric and I went to my moms with friends.  We watched the UCONN men, we watched a little Pawn Stars, and Ryan Seacrest.  We discussed the important things in life and decided whether Nicki Minaj was wearing a wig, a hat or had bad hair (we decided on all 3).  We watched the ball drop, went home.  This is my kind of NYE.  Does that make me feel old?  YES and again, add on to it that by the time we got home, I was, actually, a year older!!!

However, that being said.  I have now decided the BEST way to celebrate New Years AND your birthday is a PR!!!!  This was a fun 5K as well as an inspiring one.  3 nonagenarians raced this year.  It is the first time in U.S history that 3 90 year olds have competed in a road race.  It was very exciting the race director did an excellent job making a big deal out of this.  My 2 favorite parts were when the Under-12 year olds presented these 3 men with their trophies and gifts.  Super cool to see the way running transcends generations.  The other favorite part was the family in front of us: 3 generations of runners, grandma got a trophy, granddaughter got a trophy and mom might have gotten a trophy (we had to leave), but she definitely ran too.  Actually two of the granddaughters ran.  One had just turned 13, the other was younger.    I thought this was just awesome!  
My race was a good one too.  I wanted to get in 8 miles for the day, so i woke up, ran 5.5 and then got ready for the race.  I set a new PR of 23:09 (previous time 23:22).  Garmin says my 5K time was 22:59!  So I plan on breaking 23 soon.  It was a hot race for this time of the year.  It was very sunny and was approaching 50 degrees.  I definitely was not dressed appropriately, but clearly, I survived.   I came in 4th in my age group, and was disappointed in myself that I let purple shirt girl beat me.  However, this was definitely a great race for me, I just thought a bday trophy would have been pretty sweet!
My personal message to the crowd. Please, ignore the leftover swimmerback.

The girl in front of me just finished puking.  It was HOT for January 1st!
Pre-race.  No matter what the distance, I always look super nervous!

These 3 nonagenarians are first instance of this many 90-year-olds competing in a road race in the U.S. They were INSPIRING!!!

The Starting Line.  See the girl in the purple shirt, she beat me out to take 3rd place.  She's haunting me!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Goals

I wasn't planning on a goal post, because I wasn't quite sure what my goals would be for the year.  However, you've all inspired me to think about the year and what I want out of it! 

- BQ
- Incorporate more speedwork into my schedule (at least 2 on most weeks)
- Stretch after runs (I think this will be my hardest goal, but without it I'm positive the BQ is sunk)
- Go sub 23 in a 5K (Garmin says I did on Saturday, but it's not official)
- Go sub 1:40 in the New Haven Road Race (20K)
- Run a sub 7 mile, during any race, training run, speedwork, etc.
- Go sub 35 in a 5 miler
- PR a half marathon (in other words: run a 1/2 faster than a split a full)

- Know why I am eating something before I put it in my mouth
- Incorporate a larger variety of healthy foods into dinners (My dinners are usually very healthy, but they consist of the same 3 meals repeated...)

Tonight I made KALE

I sauteed it with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, tomatoes, butternut squash and mushrooms.  Eric had his with sausage and I had mine with chick peas.  Definitely a successful meal!  
- I would definitely like to lose weight this year, but I want it to be because I am consciously eating what my body needs to run well and be healthy.  I don't want my focus to be on losing weight, but on gaining speed, strength, recovery and health.  I want to eat like an athlete.  

-I'd like to open up a 403b and start saving there
-Pay off credit card.  I've never held a balance on the cc, but after the wedding and some unforeseen car expenses, I have a little bit on there.  I'd like to be back to a 0 balance very soon.
- Work on organizing: my classroom, my house, my office area, my closet.  This will definitely be the biggest challenge for me. 
- Raise more than my minimum goal for Team in Training.  My goal is 2,450, but personally, I'm shooting for more like $4,000.  Right now I'm at about $1,100, so I think this is possible.  
- Try some new things.  First up: Cross Country Skiing

Well, that's all I thought of as of today.  Good luck with all your goals.  I've really enjoyed reading your posts!