Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Getting my Energy Back

I've heard that during the 2nd trimester, you start to get your energy back.  To be honest, though I knew I was tired for the past few months, I didn't realize how tired until this week.  Suddenly, I feel like working out again and I feel like even doing 2 workouts in a day.  I won't say I'm completely back to normal, but it sure has felt good.

You see, because I started a new job in September and then got pregnant in October, I didn't quite realize that it was pregnancy that was making me so tired.  It seemed like I was just having a harder time adjusting to a new job than I had thought I would.  However, at almost 15 weeks, I'm starting to feel like my old self again.

Hence today's workout.  First a 3.7 treadmill run, followed by an hour long spin class.  Yes, I felt tired, but not overly so!   And yes, I have been making myself go to the gym at least 5 days a week the entire pregnancy, but this week I haven't felt like I was making myself.  It is a nice change.

Now, I clearly even have the energy to type a blog and then I'll do some lesson planning.  I hope this sticks around, but it's almost scary, like where are my symptoms??  I guess the constant worrying doesn't go away just because you are past the first trimester!

Anyway, despite the energy, I'm sure I'll still fall asleep during Criminal Minds tonight...probably just as they are figuring it out.  Then I'll beg Eric to tell me what I missed...and lie about when I actually fell asleep.  Guess things haven't completely changed...

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