Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Purple Runner Update

So I know, once again, I fell off the blog wagon.  And no, it really has nothing to do with Baby PR (outside bloggy world we call him/her baby b, but how can I resist the name Baby PR!?) 

After the Hartford Marathon, I just didn't have as much running news to right about.  We thought we might be pregnant, so I was starting to take it easy, plus we knew we would be trying, so I didn't have any races in mind. 

Since this has mainly been a running blog, I didn't have that much to write about.  My weekday runs were uneventful and slow and my weekend runs were a little longer, but still uneventful and slow.  Lately, I've been spinning 4-5 days a week and running about 2. This is a huge switch from running 4-5 days a week and spinning 2-3.  Some of this has to do with being tired.  Even more has to do with just it being dark so early and not having a race to train for.  I love winter running, but running in the dark doesn't really appeal to me unless it's bringing me closer to a goal.

However, I did notice that it is getting lighter earlier, so hopefully I can get back to running a bit more.  I really miss it.  There is a brand new half marathon held in my town this April.  I'm dying to run it, or rather run/walk it as I will be about 29/30 weeks at that point (if I'm doing the math correctly).  I just think that the inaugural race in my town is one I've got to do.  That way I can be the 80 year old at the starting line someday who has run the race since it's inception.  However, this goal certainly won't make me do anything harmful. 

Right now my long run distance has been back up to 7.  This weekend I'll go for 8.  I have felt great, but because I had backed off so much, I just want to get back up in distance slowly.  I've noticed that being pregnant has made me slow, but I'm absolutely fine with that. 

Hope all is well with everyone!  Thanks for sharing in our excitement!

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  1. I had the same due date with both of mine! One ended up arriving on the 19th, the other on the 23rd. Heaven forbid they came right on the dot.

    Enjoy some slow happy running in the meantime ;)