Sunday, January 22, 2012

Great Treadmill Run

No, you did not read that wrong.  I really did just use great and treadmill in the same sentence!  As a result of Saturday's winter storm, the roads today were not great for running.  Typically, this would not stop me; I love winter running.  However, since I now am running two, I'm choosing not to run in slippery conditions. 

Therefore today's run was destined to be a treadmill one.  I timed it so it would end perfectly before the Giants game and didn't go into it with any high expectations.  I didn't even have a mileage in mind.  I do know that I tend to ramp it up on the t-mill, as I dread it.  So, lately, I've been making sure to add walk breaks into my t-mill runs.  The doctor said I don't have to worry about running, but I should be cautious and not get to a point where I can't have a conversation.  The walk breaks are my way of making sure this happens. 

Here's the workout I ended up doing:
14 min run
2 min walk
12 min run
2 min walk
10 min run
1 min walk
8 min run
1 min walk
6 min run
1 min walk
4 min run
1min walk
2 min run

I played with run paces between 6.3 mph and 6.5 mph (9:40-9:15 pace).  And ended up with 6.7 miles.  It was a fun way to break it up and though I feel like I got a good work out in, I don't feel like I overdid it.

I think that incorporating more treadmill into my weeks is going to be a good way to get my running back where I want it.  Afterall, today's mileage is already higher than all of what I ran last week!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Now it's time for me to settle in and watch the g-men kick some booty while I dig into my favorite vegetarian chili recipe!


  1. For some odd reason I have been having good treadmill runs. Good luck with this.