Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 best things about winter running (a repost)

1. Reflective gear is super sexy
2. Winter runners are hard core
3. I can go for a run and immediately go out for bfast, to the grocery store, etc. and not feel as gross as I would post hot/humid run.
4. When your fuel belt freezes, it acts like a nice little ice pack.
5. Chapstick; who doesn't love smooth, fruity smelling lips
6. Pockets: lots more pockets in vests, jackets, etc.
7. Headbands help to keep your ear buds in place
8. Numb muscles don't ache as much
9. You burn more calories running in the cold
10. 7th graders think you're way tougher than they thought you were before they saw you running in close to zero windchill.  (Still waiting to see what the results of this new perception might mean for work completion...)

1 comment:

  1. Dont forget being able to take an emergency pit stop thanks to the darkness!