Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trying out the New Toy

Yesterday, I tried out my garmin on a 7.57 hilly run.  I have to agree with everyone that Garmins are amazing. I had such a fun time running with him/her ( I guess he/she needs a name).  I can see how addictive they might be too.  What I really found interesting was my hill running and how it took me longer to regain speed following a hill than I would have thought.

I also enjoyed the G-min beeping at me towards the end of my first hill that I was at 3 miles.  I always knew it felt like a 3 mile hill, nice to know I wasn't imagining it!

How's everyone's holidaying going? I just signed up for a new years day race, which also happens to be a birthday race for me!!!

1 comment:

  1. A New Years Day race is a great way to start the year off right!!! And a great way to spend your birthday!