Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa loves runners!

Hi all.  Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We had a fantastic Christmas this year.  Eric and I hosted our first holiday by having Christmas Eve at our house.  For years my mom and i had gone to her best friend, Sue's, house.  Sue always did an incredible job of hosting the perfectly festive, delicioius, ))warm, and fun Christmas Eve.  Even though we weren't family, it couldn't have felt more like we were.  When Sue passed away 2 years ago, I made my mind up to, someday, honor her memory by hosting a Christmas Eve like she always did.  I can't say I did as good a job as she did, but it was a start and I'm sure she's proud.  

On Christmas Day, Eric and I had our first married Christmas.  Eric knows me well and many running inspired gifts were unwrapped: ipod shuffle (in ORANGE!!!), new running shirts, running Times mag, run for the cure shirt :).  We had a great first Christmas together and then went over to my mom's.  Amongst many other incredible gifts, Santa left a GARMIN 405!!!!! Woot!!!!  We had a nice brunch and then went over to our family friends. We had a very fun time there, as we always do.  New sneakers will be coming my way and the day was full of laughs.  (not to mention drunken requests/orders? for "nieces/nephews" but that's a story within itself).  

Today, I slept in, put on new running gear, made a new playlist and went out for a run.  With Eric!!! (well at least for the first 2 miles).  Then my mom, Eric and I met up with my friend/teammate/roommate from UVM, for brunch.  She's since moved to Autstin, then Boston, then Michigan, then Chicago and now Montreal (We only graduated 6 years ago!) so it was fun to catch up.  Neily's one of those friends that no matter how long it's been, we step right back in like old times.  We even dressed alike today!  

Now we're back home, watching the Giants...and the blizzard.  I'd say a pretty wonderful holiday!  

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  1. Sounds like you cleaned up from a running perspective :) - Merry Christmas!